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Ready to Reverse Prediabetes and Bring Back the Joy of Eating?

Hi! I’m Rahaf, Registered Dietitian and Diabetes Nutrition Expert. I help women with prediabetes fuel with whole foods, nourish their body, and reverse prediabetes- without diets or deprivation.

Over the years working with people that have prediabetes and Type 2 diabetes, I understand the challenges and frustrations with controlling blood sugars. It is my mission to help women like you straighten the confusion on what to eat, reverse prediabetes, and enjoy food- without going on diets- so that you feel your very best, inside and out!

As someone who is at risk for diabetes I am on the road to diabetes prevention and want to help as many people along the way. My nutrition philosophy includes implementing intuitive eating strategies and adapting the Mediterranean Eating Pattern to create sustainable lifestyle changes.  It’s time to revitalize your health and take charge of your blood sugars. I’ll share with you my expertise as a Registered Dietitian Diabetes Educator and approach that has helped so many women like you. Bring your motivation and commitment and get the guidance and results you want!

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Diagnosed with Prediabetes and not sure where to start?

Get my top 3 nutrition tips for reversing Prediabetes and learn to eat what you love.

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Take charge of your blood sugars and health, ditch the diet, eat well, and feel like YOU again. It’s as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1: Get In Touch

In a free discovery call we’ll talk about your challenges, nutrition goals, which program fits your needs, and answer any other questions.

Step 2: Choose a Program

Based on the discovery call, you will choose one of the one-on-one nutrition coaching programs or the online group coaching program.

Step 3: Sustain for Life

Feel confident with your health knowing you have a nutrition coach at your fingertips to support you on your health journey.

What People Are Saying

"Working with Rahaf at Olive Tree Nutrition was a wonderful experience. She was always professional and courteous. She is also very knowledgeable. She really helped met get organized so that despite a busy schedule my family and I could still make the best nutritional choices. She also helped me set goals to work on and then followed up the progress. I would strongly recommend others take advantage of her expertise."


"I never knew what a difference a nutritionist can make in your life until I had my first consultation with Rahaf from Olive-tree-nutrition. I consulted her primarily for weight management but she taught me the importance of eating right and assured me that the weight would come down naturally. It has been only 2 weeks, and I have already started seeing a difference in my weight and my overall confidence. Her approach is pragmatic, holistic and personalized. I highly recommend her for all your nutritional needs."


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