Gestational Diabetes Nutrition

Do you have PCOS or have risk factors for gestational diabetes?

Did you just recieve the news that you failed the glucose tolerance test?

Are you struggling with lowering your blood sugars, including those fasting blood sugars, and just have no idea what to eat?

Do you feel that you have to restrict foods and can’t enjoy eating anymore?


Getting a diagnosis of gestational diabetes can be extremely overhwelming. All of a sudden you feel you have to restrict all foods and your diet is limited to only a food list. You have little guidance on your blood sugars and nutrition, and you’re struggling with understanding your numbers and lowering those fasting blood sugars.

If you have risk factors for developing gestational diabetes, you question every single food you eat and whether that will lead you to gestational diabetes. The constant worry and stress around eating can quickly zap away the joy of pregnancy.

This is why I created my Empowered Pregnancy and Blood Sugars Program. To provide women with a proven step by step framework for lowering blood sugars, so that you have the peace of mind knowing how to nourish your body and baby.

Empowered Pregnancy and Blood Sugars

A program designed for women who want to learn all about pregnancy nutrition AND are also pregnant with gestational diabetes or PCOS (or are at risk for gestational diabetes) and looking for:

  • a proven framework for lowering blood sugars in pregnancy
  • meal planning for lower blood sugars while still enjoying foods in pregnancy
  • guidance on monitoring and understanding blood sugars
  • proven tips for lowering fasting blood sugars
  • strategies for lowering blood sugars beyond nutrition, including stress, sleep, movement and supplements
  • tips on lowering risk for gestational diabetes and preventing/delaying insulin
  • preparing for birth and childbirth, and tips on reducing risk for type 2 diabetes
  • a supportive community of women on your similar journey

What’s Included?

  • bi-weekly sessions
  • weekly check ins and accountability in community group
  • handouts and meal/snack ideas
  • optional access to Nourished Bump Pregnancy Nutrition Course course
  • Payment plans and HSA/FSA available


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