The holiday season can be very challenging to eat healthy. Between travelling, work parties, big meals, shopping and family gatherings the holidays can become a time when many people gain weight and lose track of their health. But it doesn’t have to be that way! With a little planning and some tips, you can be at your best health during this holiday season! Follow the tips below:

  • Do not skip meals. This is important to avoid overeating at dinner parties. Having a well-balanced breakfast and lunch will help you make healthier choices at dinner because you haven’t starved your body during the day. Before going to a party aim to have a snack that has protein and fiber, such as a small handful of nuts, an apple or greek yogurt.
  • When at the dinner party be mindful of the appetizers. It can be very easy to pack on a few hundred calories just from grazing at appetizers. Try to stand in a spot away from the table and focus on scaling instead of eating.
  • At the dinner table, scan all foods and decide which foods you want to eat. Follow the healthy plate model. This means fill half your plate with veggies first, then fill a ¼ plate for starch and ¼ plate for protein. It can be tempting to fill up on starches (between sweet potato casseroles, mac’n cheese, dinner rolls, etc) but aim to choose 1-2 starches and enjoy them.
  • Choose healthy beverages. Eggnog, alcohol, fruit juices and sodas have a lot of calories. Stick to calorie free drinks such as water, tea, diet sodas and carbonated water.
  • Be mindful when you eat. Chew your foods slowly, pay attention to the details of the food, savor every bite, and take your time. Before going back for seconds wait 10 minutes to see if you are really still hungry.
  • Use the buddy system for desserts. Split a dessert with someone so you could cut down on the calories and avoid being wasteful
  • Remember to stay active. Take a walk after your meal with your friends and family or enjoy other outdoor activities together.

What do you do to help you eat healthy during the holidays? What challenges do you find?

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