Group Coaching

Have you ever wanted to eat a brownie without feeling guilty or stressed?

My 4-week group coaching program will walk you through my step by step framework to help you break free from diets so that you can enjoy food without guilt or stress!

Have you ever thought to yourself:

I want to be healthy but I don’t know how without letting go of my food rules?

I want to stop dieting but I’m afraid to trust myself around food?

I am tired of counting calories and constantly obsessing about food?

I want to eat the foods I enjoy without feeling guilty or stressed?

You are not alone! I have helped women like you break free from diets and discover a positive approach to eating. Eating without guilt, stress and anxiety can be your reality!

My step by step framwork focuses on 4 key areas to help you develop peace and joy with eating:

Week 1:

Learn how to break free from diets and shift the focus to intuitive eating

Week 2:

Learn how to break your food rules, clarify nutrition myths, and overcome food guilt

Week 3:

Learn how to listen to hunger and fullness cues, and cultivate self-care strategies for emotional eating

Week 4:

Learn how to incorporate principles of healthy eating and adopt a Mediterranean lifestyle

This program is for women who:

  •  Are frustrated with diets and calorie counting
  • Feel stressed around food and guilt for eating ‘off limit foods’
  • Are confused with all the mixed nutrition messages and want to learn about balanced nutrition and a Mediterranean lifestyle
  • Are ready to develop a healthier relationship with food and their body alongside women on the same journey

This program is NOT for women who:

  • Want a quick fix solution or weight loss diet
  • Have an active eating disorder
  • Are not willing to complete journal activities and utilize the tools provided to make lasting changes
I would tell anyone who has been struggling with food and weight that nothing has worked for me – in the 45 years I’ve spent battling food and my weight – until I worked with you. I finally see a light at the end of the tunnel and feel some peace in my life…I’m not constantly thinking about food, how to lose weight, how I look. It really has been life-changing for me, so I would encourage others with similar challenges to take a chance on you like I did. It took a lot of courage on my part to reach out to you, but I am so very thankful and happy that I did!”

My 4 week Group Coaching Program Includes:

(4) 60 minute weekly video calls

Calls are held via Zoom that cover specific nutrition topics. Women will also have the opportuity to share their struggles and ask questions during the call. If you can’t make it live, sessions are recorded and you have access to the replay.


Weekly Handouts

Journal prompts and tip sheets are provided after each session to help you apply concepts and support your food peace journey


Supportive Community

Group coaching is limited to 8 women to allow for individual attention and engagement with other women on the same journey. You will also have access to a private Facebook group for support and accountability between sessions

Plus when you sign up you get access to this awesome bonus:

Recipe E-Book Filled with 20+ Mediterranean-inspired recipes!

Group Coaching Dates:

Group will meet every Wednesday starting January 8 through January 29, 2020 at 12 pm EST

*sessions are recorded so if you can’t make a live class you can send in your question(s) and watch the replay

I am so excited to be offering this group coaching program to reach more women and help them live the life they deserve at a much more affordable investment than 1 on 1 coaching.

If you join by December 6, 2019 you will get the early bird price of 


AND as a special early bird offer

The first 4 women that sign up will get an individual nutrition session with me (valued at $150)

The price for the group coaching program will go up on December 7, 2019 to $279

Limited spots are available for this program to ensure individual attention and supprt for each member

To ensure you are a good fit for the program please complete the application form and I will be in touch with you to complete the onboarding process!

“Food is no longer fearful or challenging. I eat when I am hungry. I eat what I want, because now that I know I can eat anything, I don’t want the types of foods which used to stress me (“junk food” type foods). If I want a burger, I eat one, but I’m able to eat it slowly and enjoy it now, because I don’t feel guilty about eating it. Food is not an adversary now but a tool.”

“Rahaf is a wonderful Registered Dietitian. She is well educated and qualified to help those in need of nutritional counseling. Her methods are simple and easy to learn and follow. She is excellent at helping her clients eliminate food rules, the diet mentality, and misinformation about nutrition and health. She also makes learning what to eat and how to put together a plate easy. Working with her eliminated the stress I experienced around food and eating and improved my relationship eating, my body, and my health. ”

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to lose weight. Is this program for me?

I totally understand your desire to lose weight! However, research on diets and my experience working with women like you shows that a weight focused approach is not sustainable, and does not improve health nor happiness. This is why I follow a non-diet, weight inclusive approach with my clients. This means that the focus of coaching is not weight loss (weight is an outcome not a behaviour). I teach and empower you to work on health-promoting behaviours and develop a healthy relationship with food. I help women break free from the diet mentality and discover a positive approach to health and nutrition, one without food stress and guilt, so that you can live the healthy, happy life you deserve. Your weight may increase, decrease or stay the same. This program will help you discover your ‘set point weight’, the weight that your body feels best at and can maintain effortlessly.

How long is the program and when does the group meet?

The group coaching program is 4 weeks long. Group meets via Zoom every Wednesdays at 12 pm EST starting on January 8 through January 29, 2020.

Live sessions are recorded, which you will have access to until February 5, 2019

How do I apply for the program?
You can apply for the program by clicking on the “Apply Now” button and completing the application form to ensure you are a good fit for the program. I will be in touch with you to complete the onboarding process.
How often do you offer your group coaching program?
I am not sure when I will offer my group coaching program again.
Do you have a guarantee for the program?
I do not offer a gurantee for the program because the progress you make is directly related to the effort you put into the program. You can read through testimonials of women on similar journeys who have worked with me and found peace with food and their body.

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