Pregnancy Nutrition

Are you pregnant and concerned about growing a healthy baby and have no idea what nutrients to focus on or what to eat?

Feeling totally lost and lonely on your pregnancy?

Struggling with unpleasant pregnancy symptoms like nausea, heartburn and constipation?

Want to learn proven strategies to prevent or manage gestational diabetes?

Getting that positive pregnancy test can be exciting and scary…all of a sudden you feel a burden for nourishing yourself in a way that supports the growth of your baby. You start searching on google and social media only to find very conflicting prenatal nutrition information. Your doctor doesn’t provide much nutrition support either, and you’re left with growing your baby with not much guidance on eating or healthy living. Add on a risk for or actual diagnosis of gestational diabetes and the anxiety just skyrockets! This is why I created the Nourished Bump Pregnancy Nutrition Program. I’ve been there exactly where you are. I know how important it is to grow a healty baby. Learn more about my program below to see how you can thrive in your pregnancy and have the peace of mind and joy you so deserve!

**If you are at risk for or have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, check out my Empowered Pregnancy and Blood Sugars Program to learn more.

Nourished Bump Pregnancy Nutrition Program

A program designed for women planning for pregnancy or currently expecting and looking for:

  • making the best choices for pregnancy and baby
  • peace around food choices that are safe for pregnancy
  • guidance on key nutrients for fertility and pregnancy
  • reduced stress on planning healthy and easy meals
  • management of pregnancy symptoms like gastric reflux, nausea and constipation using food and lifestyle factors
  • fostering a healthy relationship with food and body
  • lowering risk for and/or managing gestational diabetes
  • preparing for birth and childbirth
  • a supportive community of women on your similar journey


What’s Included?

  • bi-weekly sessions 
  • weekly check ins and accountability 
  • handouts and meal/snack ideas
  • access to Nourished Bump Pregnancy Nutrition Course
  • Optional upgrade to include Empowered Pregnancy and Blood Sugars Course
  • Payment plans and HSA/FSA available

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