Fertility Nutrition

Are you planning on getting pregnant in the near future and looking for ways to optimize your fertility?

Looking to learn more about preconception nutrition and how to prepare your body for a successful pregnancy?

Were you diagnosed with PCOS and looking for guidance to help you ovulate and get pregnant?

Getting an IUI or IVF done in the near future?

Planning on growing your family and getting pregnant is so exciting! It can also be very overwhelming the moment you start searching on google and social media for ways to optimize your fertility, regulate your cycle, confirm ovulation, and get pregnant! The conventional system puts you on a timeline of 6 months to conceive and then your choices somehow end up being fertility meds and IUI or IVF. What happened to nutrition and lifestyle? Unfortunately very little information and guidance is provided on that, despite research showing that your nutrition and lifestyle has a direct impact on your egg quality and your partner’s sperm health. This is why I created the Fuel Your Fertility Program. It’s designed to address the gaps in conventional care by providing edvidence based nutrition information for fertility. Learn about my program below.

Fuel your Fertility Program

A program designed for women who are planning on pregnancy, have irregular periods or PCOS, or are seeking IUI and IVF and are looking for:

  • guidance on optimizing fertility and increasing chance of getting pregnant using nutrition, lifestyle modifications, and supplements
  • guidance on regulating cycles 
  • personalized supplement recommendations for fertility
  • a clear understanding of cycle tracking, identifying your fertile window and confirming ovulation
  • sex and adrenal hormone testing via DUTCH Test to understand hormones that could impact fertility (optional upgrade)
  • meal and snack handouts
  • unlimited email support throughout the program
  • Includes full initial nutrition assessment, DUTCH review (optional), and bi-weekly sessions
  • Payment plans and HSA/FSA available



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